The Year of The Flood

Winnipeg, 1950.  Everyone has their reasons in The Year Of The Flood, a play about a Russian-Jewish furrier (Sam Moses - Stratford's "The Rice Boy") and a Native Chief, (Lorne Cardinal - "Corner Gas") both mavericks in their own communities who have an unusual business relationship and friendship which no one likes.

But neither Herb nor Alec are  ready to relinquish their power to their sons, Max, a  jazz musician (Michael Rubenfeld - "Yichud," "Talk"), and Elijah, the new chief (Darrell Dennis - "Tales of An Urban Indian," "The Oka Crisis"). Even Rose, Herb's wife, (Theresa Tova- "Still The Night," "Fiddler on The Roof") begins to examine her choice of Herb as a husband. Herb's greatest ally besides his Russian friend, Bernie, (Howard Jerome - "Across The River To Motor City") is Michelle, his granddaughter (Samantha Somer Wilson - "Nurse.Fighter.Boy"). She shares Herb's love of nature and Native culture.

As the floodwaters continue to rise, both Herb and Alec are devastated by what they each perceive as betrayal by the other... in The Year Of The Flood.

The Year Of The Flood